Trademark Registration

A trademark is mark or a visual symbol which used for the symbolizing a word, name, label or brand in order to distinguish between the goods and services in the market. Trademark is protected under the trademark law under trademark act 1999. In order to stop any one from misusing, or misleading or selling your property without your consent, causes infringement of trademark and provide right to the owner of the trademark to protect it. Trademark can be filed by any person por en5tity in order to save from any misuse of services and goods. The trademark protection is provided for 10 years and renewal after every 10 years till the payment of fees is initiated. An applicant can start using the trademark logo or word after applying for the trademark and later change the status to registered. It is considered as goodwill and provides more business profits to the brand owner if the owner registers their trademark as early as possible. Trademark registration helps to take legal action against those who infringes trademark and try to gain profit through that. The process of registration trademark must be filed with the help of a professional for trademark so that it is registered successfully without ay delay.


  • Trademark registration provides exclusive rights to the owner in order to protect their trademark name or logo.
  • Trademark registration helps in building trust and goodwill among the consumers about the company.
  • Awareness of well-known Goods or services among consumers due to trademark registration. So that they can differentiate easily from other goods and services.
  • By registering trademark, Owner can sue if someone else infringes its registered trademark. Legal action can be taken against them under trademark law.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Owner's Documents
  • Photo
  • PAN
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile No & Email Id
Other Information
  • Trademark Name & Logo
  • List of Business Activity
  • Date of First use of Trademark.