Private Limited Registration

In India, Private limited company is the popular type of corporate legal entity where there must be minimum two persons to act as directors and shareholder of the company. Director must be an Indian resident, i.e. spend over 186 days in India. Unlike other partnership or LLP, Private limited registration provides various benefits for the owner starting from equity raise, protection of limited liability, separate identity of company, existence even after death of the director and easily transferable ownership always.

No restrictions have been imposed on the foreign nationals or foreign companies. Foreign nationals or NRI has equal opportunity to be director or shareholder of the private limited company. The registration of the Private limited registration requires some form filings and digital signatures of the shareholder and director in order to register private limited company. Every private limited company must follow the rules and comply with the rules and regulations of the company. Failure to obey the rules can directly lead to penalty or fine or disqualification of directors. All the businesses must file income tax annually, mandatory statutory auditor and Memorandum of Association must be deposited in bank and certificate must be obtained from MCA. We offer maintenance of accounting and statutory compliances at a very affordable price to ensure the best services.

Company Registration Consultant

Today, company registration is the most straightforward way of starting your company. As governments have liberalised the process and also reduce many taxes and regulatory compliance over other forms. Private Limited Company registration In Noida , is very easy now. The Pvt Ltd registration consultant in Noida , handle all the process and complete it from MCA, Govt. of India. Our experts will only provide you with full & correct documentation needed to register your company at Noida, within a short period of 7 to 12 days. Building and growing enterprises prefer company registration consultant in Noida because they can quickly raise outsourcing, limit their shareholders' liabilities, and enable them to offer top talent employee stock options. There is no need for a legal practitioner or institution to help you get your returns. If you are aware of all necessary rules and procedures.


  • Minimum Members Required for the Formation of the Company
  • Legal Entity Still Exists even after Death or Insolvency
  • Easily Transferrable Shares to any other Person
  • Capable to Sue or be Sued for any Legal Proceedings.

Documents Required for Private Limited Registration

Director's Documents
  • Photo
  • PAN
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile No & Email Id
  • Highest Qualification
  • Place of Birth
Proprietor's Documents
  • Latest Electricity Bill of Business Address.
  • Rent Agreement of Business Address, If Rented
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC).
Other Information
  • Proposed Business Name.
  • Capital Contribution Amount.
  • Shareholding Ratio
  • List of top 5 Business Products/Services