PF Return Filing

EPF Registration is compulsory for the establishments which have more than 20 employees working. Online and offline registration available but preferably done through online. All the employees and employer together contribute to PF of around 12%. It is mandatory for all the employees to file PF returns monthly and through unified portal, which must be done by 15th of each month. PF return is filed each month using Form 3A and Form 6A by employers. It can be filed annually by 30th April also. Employees those who are getting basic salary plus dearness allowance is up to Rs. 15,000 are mandatory to have an EPF account by the employers. However, earning more than 15,000 may voluntarily contribute in EPF account. PF return is essential as the contribution is the salary proof and employer’s contribution. If the employee switches to new office, the PF account contribution transferred to the new account on request. We support in every step that would involve in dealing with PF handling and filing returns for your company’s employees on monthly basis at the most efficient way. The employee can be able to withdraw six times his or her worth salary or the entire PF amount based on whichever is lesser. Withdrawn fund can be used for need related to personal or medical emergency of family members.


  • PF return filing provides employee protection after their retirement from the company.
  • In order to get clear picture of employer’s contribution, it is necessary to file PF returns.
  • Other benefits such as medical, insurance, prevent taxation and many more can be received more easily after PF return filing.
  • As the filing is under EPFO, the employee enjoys the full protection as mentioned in the scheme.

Documents Required for PF Return Filing

  • Copy of partnership deed (In case of partnership firm)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (In case of Private or Public Company)
  • Registration Certificate (In case of society)
  • PAN details of the Company
  • Proof of Incorporation
  • Salary Details of Employees
  • Balance Sheet Details