Name Change

In India, there are numerous reasons for a person to change his/her name. It could be due to marriage, for good luck, or for a new identity. The process of changing one's name is time-consuming with a lot of administrative formalities. The name change procedure involves the following steps: Affidavit submission, an announcement published in the newspaper and a notification published in the Gazette of India. Although your work for legalizing your name change is over, it is essential to save all the documents and use it for officially changing your name in the bank records, certificates, and any other necessary documents. The name change documents might come as crucial ones when you apply or renew a passport or for any other future transactions. Simple steps to follow are an affidavit must be duly signed by the applicant and attested by Judicial Magistrate/Notary. A newspaper advertisement with new name must be performed after the prescribed proforma has been submitted with applicant signature along with two witnesses. We offer name change services at a comfort of your home. Save your time as we make this task simpler for you. Let an experienced professionally walk you through the name change process.


  • Simplest way to change name, no requirement of legal compliance procedure.
  • Name change officially is the proof of identity and existence.
  • Name change through legal procedure helps in maintaining government record of individual.
  • Officially Name change can only help in changing other identity proof such as Aadhaar, PAN etc.

Information Required for Name Change

  • New Name of the Company
  • Trademark Registration Certificate, If any
  • PAN & Aadhar Card of Trademark Owner
  • NOC from Trademark Owner

Documents Required for Name Change

  • Address proof - Electricity bill, Water bill, rent agreement.
  • Photo - A passport size photo is required.
  • Marriage certificate (If any)
  • Affidavits (If any)
  • Divorce papers (If any)
  • Age proof (Birth certificate if minor)