GST Return Filing

GST return is the document filing which contains the income details of the company which is mandatory field to be filled while filing GST return. The taxpayer needs to submit 2 returns per month and one return annually for filing the GST return. For the filing the GST return, every dealer has a fixed date for filing and fine is imposed, if it is not followed. Registration and GST return filing is not for all the businesses. Only extremely small or micro business are exempted from the GST registration. Partnership firm, non-public or public company, liability partnerships are bound to register GST. However, any business exceeding annual turnover of Rs 20 lacs mandatory to file GST return, no matter what the size of the business is.

Required document while filing GST return is Business name GSTN (Identification number), GST Return Filing date, Invoices, GST taxes paid and Future sale advances. Our dedicated GST accountant file your GST returns online in order to save you from any penalty.


  • GST return filing effective for the growth of India’s GDP and helps in business growth
  • Simplified tax return filing by standard taxation process.
  • GST return filing provides regularized structure of unorganized Sectors
  • GST Tax filing helps in reducing level of Corruption

Information Required for GST Return Filing

  • Copy of GST Purchase Invoices
  • Copy of GST Sales Invoices

Documents Required for GST Return Filing

  • Owner’s PAN card
  • Owner’s Aadhaar card
  • Owner’s photograph
  • Proof of address
  • Bank account details
  • Customers GSTIN
  • Type of Invoice
  • Place of Supply
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Taxable Value
  • GST Rate
  • Amount of IGST applicable
  • Amount of CGST applicable
  • Amount of SGST applicable
  • Amount of GST cess applicable
  • If GST Reverse Charge is applicable