ESI Return Filing

ESI contribution provides benefits to the employees at the time of sickness, death, disablement, injury to the employee who earns less than 21,000/-.Unlike PF, ESI contribution cannot be withdrawn but the benefits can be an assistance for the medical insurance cover which provides excellent medical cover free cost to the family members of the employee. According to ESI scheme, if a person is unemployed for than 3 months from the date of their leaving, worker will be able to withdraw 47% of their total contributions. ESI returns helps in tracking and making the ESI process transparent which also clearly states the contribution of employee. The return must be filed half yearly basis by the employer as per the scheme. ESI Returns must be filed within 42 days of finish of contribution period. Payment of ESI contribution shall be completed within 21 days of the last day of a calendar month. ESIC number is provided to every employee who is registered under ESI scheme in order to know the balance or status of claim. ESI contributions cater benefit of medical emergency to the members by their own hospital and dispensaries. It does not entertain medical treatments and reimbursement, except in those cases where the insured person cannot be treated in the ESIC infrastructure.


  • ESI return filing provides medical treatment benefits to the employees and their dependant who are suffering from certain diseases.
  • ESIC Return Filing helps in keeping record and provides therapy stipend to the employees.
  • It provides self-financing and social security to the members of ESIC scheme.

Documents Required for ESI Return Filing

  • Attendance Register
  • Register for Form 6
  • Register of Wages
  • Register of any Accidents on the Premises
  • Inspection Book
  • Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI