Add Director

Director are considered as the main backbone of the company, who controls and administer the company’s operations. Director is appointed by the consent of shareholders as per the eligibility criteria mentioned in the company’s articles of association. Reason behind change of director is to ensure best combination of experts on board working for the welfare of the company. The board of director changes with the appointment of new directors and resignation or removal of existing ones. The approval, removal or resignation is not effective, until and unless it is intimidating to the ministry of corporate affairs. The shareholder holds the deliberate regulator in their hand by assigning the additional or operational duties by the appointment of new directors. Director is not responsible for the contributing to the share capital therefore, shareholder’s voting rights and ownership rights can not be taken with the introduction of a new member in board. As per the Companies Act, it is prescribed that minimum two and three directors must be appointed in a private and public company respectively. The director’s count should not be reduced at any time in a company. If in case, minimum director reduces, the company must appoint aa new director within 6 months.


  • Adding directors to the company provides values to the board and helps in decision making.
  • It will help in enhancing credibility among board members.
  • Additional directors will help in sharing responsibilities and contributing in the business growth.
  • Sole owner may result in corruption or fraud. Appointment of additional directors will result in transparency in business.

Documents Required for Add Director

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Any one of Electricity bill / telephone bill / Gas Bill / Mobile bill (not more then two months old)